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More FAQ on the regify homepage.

Technical FAQ

I have problems, can I do some debugging?

Yes, please take a look at the regibox trouble shooting pages.

Is it possible to redirect the regibox root folder?

Yes, there is a chance to set this to another location. Follow this guide:

  1. Stop regibox manager (right click on the ToolTray icon and close the program).
  2. Move the whole regibox root folder to the new location (incl. all subfolders). Do not copy, please move the folder and files.
  3. Edit the regibox.ini:
    1. The file is located in
      • Windows: %APPDATA%\regify\regibox\regibox.ini
      • Linux: /home/userName/.regify/regibox/regibox.ini
      • Mac OSX: /Users/userName/.regify/regibox/regibox.ini
    2. Change the "boxRoot" entry to point to the new root. The path needs to end on backslash (Windows) or slash (Linux, OSX).
  4. Re-start regibox manager.

There are a few limitations for the location of the new regibox root folder. Please respect.

  • Do not point to a location which is not having full read/write/delete access permissions for the user.
  • We do not recommend to use a network share as regibox may become slow and we do not guarantee that this works as expected.
  • regibox is only accepting one regibox root folder. You can not run multiple instances of regibox to get more root folders.

How to execute a silent regibox setup?

Simply call the setup with the /silentex switch (Windows only):

regibox-1.3.2-4433.exe /silentex

How to create a logfile for the installation process?

You can call the regibox setup file with the /logfile switch (Windows only):

regibox-1.3.2-4433.exe /logfile

This will create a file "Logfile_[ProductName]_MSI.txt" in your system %TEMP% folder. You can also combine this with the /silentex switch, if you like to get more information about the silent installation.