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Logo.png  Welcome to the regify wiki pages.

The target audience for this wiki are administrators of regify providers and technical interested persons who want to get extra information on regify software and technology.

If you have any further technical questions about regify technology, please contact us at support (AT) regify.com.

product information


The current regify-provider changelog (history)

Information about the regify Provider Appliance

Find information about regify-provider hardware requirements

Update Guide

Updating provider from V4.0.x to V4.1

regify client

The current regify-client changelog (history)

Outlook AddIn information (summary)


regipay Desktop

regipay Desktop changelog

regipay FAQ


regimail Desktop changelog

regimail FAQ


regibill Desktop

regibill Desktop changelog

regibill FAQ

Mobile clients

Summary about BlackBerry client


regibox changelog

regibox FAQ


The regigate changelog

Information about the regigate appliance

regigate hardware requirements and performance


General connectivity issues

regify account issues

regify client (Desktop)

Outlook AddIn

Thunderbird AddIn

regipay, regibill and regimail Desktop

User portal (web interface)

regibox mobile app

regibox manager

Lotus Notes AddIn

Android mobile app

iPhone mobile app

AntiVirus false positives

regify provider appliance

regify error codes

I want to report an error

technical articles

Translating regify software

Information about subprovider possibilities

Information about power and capacity

Setting up a new sub-provider

Information about the regify-provider database

Technical hints for the regify provider appliance

Technical hints for the regigate appliance

Technical hints for updating the regify provider appliance

Automatic proxy setting for regify client

Automatic proxy setting for regibox manager

other information

list of all authentication levels

Answers to different security questions (professionals only)

Installation hints for provider-setup (Outdated! Only for Windows)