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regify error codes

This is a short list with all possible error codes for client software that uses the regify Client-SDK.

This numbers are not valid for the regify Provider-SDK! For those numbers, please refer to the Provider-SDK documentation.

Service related

0 Success
1 Invalid session. If you are using a web-browser, make sure that cookies are enabled.
2 Missing parameters.
3 Wrong protocol. Use a https:// connection for regify (SSL) in your configuration.
4 Outdated regify client!
5 Your regify provider does not support the regify provider lookup service.
10 Invalid login or password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

(Usually, this may happen after you changed your regify password in your regify web-portal. You need to enter the new password to your local software, too.)

11 Invalid identity-file. Request your identity-file again.
12 Maximum 500 recipients allowed per operation
13 The monthly transaction limit was reached.
14 The monthly transaction limit for free transactions was reached.
15 You reached the maximum number of transactions per second. Please try again later.
16 Invalid session file.
17 Invalid e-mail address for communication and notifications. In Outlook, select "Configuration" and turn off the option "Take sending address from Outlook".
18 Invalid login with old password. Please update your local passwords with the new password.
20 Sorry, but this transaction can not be opened. Maybe the file is corrupted or you are not the desired recipient.

(Please verify the error message text and the given e-mail addresses in there. You need to use a regify account which is assigned to at least one of the recipient e-mail addresses. Maybe someone simply forwarded an encrypted regify message to you but you are not one of the desired recipients for this message. A regify message is always having one or more dedicated e-mail addresses as desired recipients. If you forward an encrypted RGF file, this does not change.)

21 Sorry, but this transaction can not be opened. The sender of this transaction stated, that the recipient needs to be authenticated.
22 The message gets not opened, because you decided that the senders authentication level is not sufficient.
23 The clearing service will not deliver this message key because of invalid sender information.
24 The clearing service can not deliver the key, since the sender (or his regify provider) prohibited delivery through clearing-roaming.
25 Sorry, but this transaction can not be opened, because you are not the desired recipient.
30 The identity file cannot be delivered. Please note that you need to be authenticated.
39 Your regichat membership is expired.
40 Your regimail professional membership has expired.
42 Your unlock code is not valid for this identity file!
43 You are not allowed to post regibill transactions.
44 You are not allowed to post regipay transactions.
45 One of the recipients e-mail addresses is blocked by your regipay exclusion filter list. Affected address: xxx
46 You are not allowed to create your own regiboxes.
47 This regibox exceeds its size limit.
48 The regibox could not be found.
49 Maximum size exceeded.
52 A problem occurred while securely accessing the internet (SSL/TLS handshake failed).

(In all error 52 reports we've had in the past, some content inspection firewall was the cause or some restrictive proxy blocked CRL of SSL certificates. Please ask your administrator about what might be the reason. For proxy servers, he might have a look here. For a content inspection firewall, he either has to whitelist all needed domains (* and your regify provider) or to install the needed root CA of your firewall on your machine(s).)

53 Your regify provider currently has regibox in maintenance mode. Please try again later.
54 It is not possible to reset your password more than 10 times per hour. Please wait at least 1 hour before trying again.
55 The regify Provider Lookup Service (PLS) was not able to determine your assignment to a regify provider.
56 Your regify provider is currently in maintenance mode. Please try it later.
57 The regify Clearing Service is currently in maintenance mode. Please try it later.
58 Can not connect to the regify provider.

(This usually comes up if there is no Internet connection at all. First, check general connectivity. If you believe it is fine, use debugging to find out more about the reason in the CURL entries.)

59 Internal protocol error.

(This usually comes up if some unexpected result came back. Please check if you need to enter a proxy or if your entered proxy needs user authentication or if your Internet connection is established. Use debugging to find out more about the reason in the CURL entries.)

Related to local functions

60 File not found: xxx
61 No decrypted regify file available

(In most cases, the given file is not a valid regify file. On Android, this is also triggered if your system does not have a functional PDF viewer. Also, the software may not have permissions to access files/folders on your system. Check your AntiVirus protection and permissions.)

62 Header-information not found
63 FileID not allowed
64 Missing parameter. Please ensure, that you use the newest program-version.
65 Can not open the identity-file.
66 You need to be connected to a regify provider for this function.
67 Please compose a regify file at first.
68 The program runs out of memory. Please consider sending smaller attachments.
69 A file can not be opened. Please check your paths and user-rights.
70 Sorry, but the program can not access the user-home directory. Please check your rights.
71 Wrong parameter length. Please ensure, that you use the newest program-version.
72 One or more e-mail addresses are not valid.
73 Error while copying to the destination path. Please check your rights.
74 There is no valid regibill information in this document.
75 Missing regify system dependencies (check needed .dll / .so). Please re-install the software.
76 You need to be connected using a sufficiently authenticated account (using your individual identity file).
77 Invalid parameter.
78 The given file is already a regibill file.
79 Only one recipient allowed for each message.
80 This message uses a compression or encryption algorithm that is not supported by your regify client.
81 The regify provider signature is missing or invalid.
82 The regify provider response signature is invalid.
83 The file xxx can not get opened or displayed. Access to external storage has been denied.
84 The PDF document xxx could not be processed.
85 Sorry, but the program can not write the path xxx. Please check your permissions.


97 Your regify provider does not support this function. Please contact your regify provider support to find out if this feature will get supported in the future.
(This usually comes up if you try to use a feature or product that was not enabled by your regify provider.)
98 User aborted
99 Sorry, but an internal server error occurred. Please contact your corresponding program support.
999 Error code not defined

Authentication related

200 Invalid or not readable certificate.
201 The e-mail address of your certificate is not congruent with your regify user data.
202 The name information of your certificate is not congruent with the data in your regify account.
203 In order to authenticate you, your mobile phone number needs to be entered at your regify account data.
204 We were not able to send you your unlock code via SMS.
205 Your regify provider does not support this authentication method.
206 You do not have enough permissions to complete this operation.