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Android is complaining about an invalid signature while installing.

You may have used one of our Beta versions. Please stop the regify application and uninstall completely (using Taskmanager or Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications). Upon successfully uninstall, you can install the app from the Android App-Market again.

Android App is not able to get configuration from provider

In most cases the internet access is not given (does not work in browser, too).

If you are a provider: We've had the problem, that the used provider-certificate has not been recognized by the Android SDK (browser worked, regify App does not). The problematic SSL certificate has been a RapidSSL certificate. After switching to Limitbreaker from or Thawte SSL123, the problem has been gone. We also think, that, depending on the Android Version, there may be a problem with wildcard certificates. Please use a named certificate (for the complete domain) for your regify-provider.


Opening regipay messages triggers error 61

If you get error 61 ("no decrypted regify file available") during opening of regipay messages, the PDF reader on your device may be defect or wrong installed. Please try to install an alternative like the free Google PDF Viewer and try it again.

I can not open rgf files (regify messages). Android complains about no assigned application.

We know about this problem on older Samsung Galaxy devices. It turned out, that Samsung is using a customized e-mail app that differs from the standard Android e-mail app. In this customized version, all file extensions and mime-types are hard-coded and the client is only able to open messages with one of these extensions. Sadly, it is impossible for others to assign their extension to that. Thus, we can not assign the rgf extension. As a solution, you may use another (more standard compliant) e-mail application like K9 Mail.

I have many mails that state that I'm the wrong receiver (specially on K9 mail). On other receiving clients, the same messages open with no problem.

If K9 mail is configured to download not the complete mail, the rgf attachment may not be completely downloaded. You will find a button "download complete message" on bottom of your message. You need to click this button first before opening the regify message. You can also configure K9 in that way, that it downloads not only the first kilobytes in order to prevent such problems.

I received a file named Winmail.dat?

It seems, that the sender of this e-mail sent you the message using Outlook. You can find more information here: Wikipedia on TNEF In short, please ask the sender to switch the e-mail format from RTF to HTML or Text. We found out that Outlook uses always TNEF (Winmail.dat) in case you are sending to yourself (same recipient e-mail address than your sending one).

You also can give the sender a hint about the following internet ressources: (wann OL und Exchange Winmails.dat senden)

I can not get it to run. It waits forever after entering e-mail address and password.

Please check any firewall or security software that is able to control internet access of your apps. Maybe the regify app is blocked by this software?

We have information on some customers having problems with German Congstar plans. There is currently no solution for this. Try the same device with WLAN. If this also does not work, try another SIM card to verify this problem.

Open regify messages in the Gmail app

Some versions of the Gmail app seem to only accept some default file extensions within e-mails and you can't open the rgf-file directly. After tapping this attachment, GMail usually displays it as a text file or as regify container file. Now you can tap on the share-button on the navigation bar (upper right corner) and you can select the regify app as the application to open the regify message. If you do this, the regify message will be opened by the regify app as usual.

Sadly, we can not fix this behaviour as it is done wrong by Google GMail app. The regify extension is properly assigned to the regify app, but GMail is ignoring it. As an alternative, please consider using another e-mail program from the Google Play Store.


Start extended debug logging

Beginning with version 2.1.0 of the regify-app for android, you can get a detailed debug-log for helping regify to identify your problem:

To activate debugging you have to enter the regify settings menu and tapping on the provider logo quickly for at least three times. The same function is available on the provider logo in the login screen and in the fallback login screen. After that, an additional field for enabling debug and sending log file will appear. Here you have to tick the debugging.

Now, leave settings and try to reproduce the problem.

After the problem was reproduced, you can enter regify settings again and press "Send Log-file" button.

You now can stop debugging by pressing the provider logo in regify settings again for at least three times.