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I get errors regarding the certificate of the mailserver

You may encounter error messages like these:

  • Peer Certificate can not be authentikated with given CA
  • Certificate verify failed
  • etc

In most cases, the wrong smtp server was chosen (or the wrong port). Try to find out if the mailserver certificates are correctly installed and you are really using the correct mailserver. Many mailservers are also having alias domains which are not having a matching certificate.

If you are not able to eliminate the problem, please enter all data like it should work and save the settings. Now, please close the program and open up its configuration file. There you need to locate a setting named MailIgnoreSSLError. Please set this value to 1 to let the program ignore all SSL related errors. Please remark that this setting is reset to 0 if you change the smtp server settings in the configuration dialogs.

I'm getting an Error: 20 when trying to read regify emails

Most of the time this happens because the recipient is trying to read an email that is addressed to one of their email addresses that is not registered with their regify account. Up to 5 email addresses can be registered with a regify account. Log into the provider portal and add the missing email address.

In rare cases this error can be caused by older regify clients when the recipient email address was passed in as mixed case. Example To resolve this, the sender needs to upgrade their regify client or insure that the recipient email address is lowercase, in our example:

Does no longer work after upgrading to MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite)

This is a known incompatibility of the Mac regify client V4.0.0 on MacOS Yosemite.

Please upgrade your Mac regify client to V4.0.1 or even newer to fix this problem. [Download current Mac Client]

Client does not start on Windows 2008 (R2)

If you find the following message in your debug log:

Cant use cryptoc.dll. Please download the latest program-version and re-install.

In this case you need to manually install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) in order to run the regify client.

Known issues

On some Lenovo systems the regify client freezes after opening a regify message due to a tool called Lenovo SmartUpdate (smartUpdate.exe). Removing the tool solved the problem.


I like to install the client without installing a Outlook or Thunderbird AddIn

Please choose the "custom install" option while setup. You can disable the Outlook AddIn and the Thunderbird AddIn in the further dialogue.

Setup starts while I'm simply trying to use regify

At first, the mechanism of Microsoft Windows tries to re-run the setup (MSI, Installer) automatically, if files or registry keys (created by the setup) have changed or are missing. Thus, please check your AntiVirus logfiles if some components of regify have been classified as dangerous (false alert). If AV software, or other software setups, removed or downgraded components of regify, this may happen.

In some case, a complete uninstall followed by a fresh install of the most recent setup fixed the issues. As this is a Windows issue and not directly related to regify, we sadly can not give you any further assistance on this.

If you're an IT professional and if you're able reproduce the problem, you may activate MSI debugging to identify the missing component.

I'm not able to uninstall because of a missing MSI file/dependency

Such problems happen if Windows is having a corrupted installer configuration, independently of regify. As this is a common problem on Windows, Microsoft offers a tool to solve such issues. Please try to solve the issue with this tool.

Microsoft Fix it tool

As this is a Windows issue and not directly related to regify, we sadly can not give further assistance. Google for "uninstall missing msi file" will give you a lot of possible solutions and tools to solve such issues, too.

You also may try to activate MSI debugging for further investigation.


Start extended debug logging

Beginning version V4.0 and newer, the regify client uses an extra structure in his regify_client.ini file.

The locations:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\regify\regify_client.ini
  • MacOS: ~/.regify/regify_client.ini
  • Linux: ~/.regify/regify_client.ini

Follow this guide:

  1. Close any regify client!
  2. Open the ini file (see locations above).
  3. Locate the section with [GUI] and update this entry:
    debugLevel = 5
  4. Save settings file and close the editor.
  5. Try the things you need to log.
  6. Close any error messages and the regify client!
  7. To deactivate debugging, please remove the line with "debugLevel" or set debugLevel = 0.

If the file does not exist or you need to get debug information before the file was created (PLS or Proxy problems), please create the file and simply insert the content from above.

Debugging in client 4.0 or earlier creates two debug-log files in the systems temp-directory: regify_client.log and regify_client_sdk.log.
In order to find problems, regify support will need both files from you.

An alternative way to activate debugging is to call the regify client using the comandline parameters -v and -l.

regify_client.exe -v -l "c:\temp\mylog.txt"

The example above is for Windows.