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Update provider

regify provider software appliance

If you need help about how to update your regify provider appliance, please have a look at the Technical hints for updating the regify Provider Appliance page.

Update customization

If you need to update the customization after an update, we will tell you in the announcement e-mail. In most patch releases, no customization changes are needed.

If you plan to do a completely new customization, we can offer you to create your customization in a sandbox environment before doing the update on your live system. This allows you to simply copy the customization to your updated system later.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us using support (at) regify.com or by phone. We are happy to help you.

Update prices and conditions

In order to fix your "prices and conditions" page, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your regify provider administration.
  2. Enter "Change provider optics and templates". The prices are located in conditions_DE.php, conditions_EN.php and conditions_FR.php.
  3. Click the file in your preferred language. This shows you the current content. Please note your prices and your payment options.
  4. Now enter all three files and remove the complete content (Ctrl+A, Delete). Now save the empty page. This will restore our default template with correct product names.
  5. Now enter all three files again and change the prices and payment options to the noted one of your previous templates.

If you don't like the default templates provided by regify, please ensure that at least all the important informations and product names are found in your own templates.

Enable regibox

In order to enable regibox at your regify provider (min V4.0), please follow these steps:

  1. Contact sales(at)regify.com to clarify the contractual needs for running regibox.
  2. Create some network share in your internal network. It has to be a dedicated SMB share. This share
    1. needs to be redundant
      Please make sure that the data is always available to the regify provider appliance.
    2. needs to be big enough to cover all files of your customers
      Please calculate the needed size by your needs, number of users planned and the limit you like to define as maximum space per user (MAXBOXSIZE).
    3. needs to get backed up periodically.
      Please make backups of your users data and reserve some separate space for some, at least, daily backup.
  3. Enter the regify appliance menu (SSH) and navigate to "Provider..." -> "Configure regibox"
  4. Fill in the credentials to your SMB share.
  5. Check your (sub)provider configuration menu flags in the web administration. The "X" flag needs to be checked (Menu-option „regibox“ enabled).
  6. If you do not like to keep the default maximum size of 2GB for a users regiboxes, please enter the following line into your provider main customization file:
    define('MAXBOXSIZE', 10); // size in gigabytes


The regify provider appliance does not make backups of the SMB share! The internal backup mechanism does not cover this data. Please backup the data by using the options of your storage software or your storage devices. The same is for redundancy. We strongly suggest you to make a backup every 6 hours, at least daily! The data in the SMB share is always encrypted. You are free to do encrypted backups, but from regify's perspective, there is no need for encrypted backups.