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Usage trouble

User can't login

If a user can't login, there is most likely a user mistake. We found no technical reasons in the past. Therefore, please try to find out what happens by asking the following questions:

  • Are you typing the password correctly, respecting upper-case and lower-case?
    • Don't copy&paste the values! Try to type them directly because sometimes copying selects more characters than you might see.
  • Is the e-mail address correctly typed?
  • What website are you trying to login? Is it the one you have registered with? What is the URL in your web-browser during login?
    • In many cases, people are trying to login to other pages than the provider they have signed up to. Some found the wrong page using Google or try it at the demo portal of regify (linked on regify homepage).
  • Have you clicked the link in the e-mail (invitation or sign-up message)?
    • Without activation, an account is not working. The passwords are displayed after clicking this link only.
  • Maybe you changed your password in the past? Use the new one.
    • If the customer does not know his password any longer, please guide him to the password reset page of his provider. He will get a password reset e-mail after filling the form and solving the captcha.

User can't register

This only happens if his e-mail address is already assigned to another regify provider. Ask the user to delete or use his existing account. If he does not know the provider he is assigned to, please guide him to the password reset of your regify-provider. The password reset will get triggered to the right provider and the user will get a password-reset e-mail in the next minutes. This e-mail also points to his provider (he is assigned to).

Common tasks

Multiple users need to open messages received by one e-mail address (shared e-mail address)

To solve this, follow this guide:

  1. Create a regify account for this e-mail address.
  2. Login to the new account and activate extended portal functions ("System configuration" -> "Show extended portal functions").
  3. Enter the "Manage representatives" option in the main menu.
  4. Enter up to five e-mail addresses of the people who should be able to open the messages send to this shared e-mail address.

Now, all the entered people can open the regify messages sent to the common address.

If five people is not enough for your shared address, please consider using groups. If you group all affected users together (or they are already grouped), you can make the whole group a representative for the regify account of that shared e-mail address. You can add the group as representative in the same dialogue as above for single users (starting regify Provider V3.5). But instead of the e-mail address, you need to enter the group-code to the field. The group-code is displayed to the group administrator in his group management dialogue. Ask him to get the code. Alternatively, the regify providers administrators can tell you this group code, too.

Because of performance optimization, a group can be assigned for a maximum of five times as a representative.

Address the need to share more than 5 e-mail addresses across a group

Sometimes a support group might be responsible for supporting customers using more than 5 shared email addresses. A workaround can be used to increase the number of shared e-mail addresses from 5 to the maximum of 25.

The workaround consists of creating one regify professional account and associating 5 e-mail addresses to it, instead of creating 5 different accounts. A group can be assign as a representative a maximum of 5 times, therefore we can assign it as a representative to 5 regify accounts each in turn has 5 email associated with it.

This way the users in the representative group will be able to read up to 25 shared e-mail addresses.


Let's assume that we have a support group of 7 users. Each of them having regify account with an e-mail that follows the pattern person{n} where n=[1-7].

Those 7 users are responsible for answering 13 shared e-mails addresses:

  1. hotline{n} where n=[1-5]
  2. payment{n} where n=[1-5]
  3. technical{n} where n=[1-3]

To solve the issue, we do the following:

  1. We start by grouping the 7 users into a single group.
  2. Create 3 professional regify accounts using the e-mails, and
  3. We add the group as a representative for the 3 accounts.
  4. Add the remaining 10 e-mails as extra email addresses to 3 the professional regify accounts by login in to client portal then navigating to My e-mail addresses or ask an administrator to do it for us by logging in to the administration then navigating to Manage user >> Manage e-mail addresses.

We login to the client portal using and we navigate to My e-mail addresses and add the following e-mail addresses to the account:


We login to the client portal using and we navigate to My e-mail addresses and add the following e-mail addresses to the account:


We login to the client portal using and we navigate to My e-mail addresses and add the following e-mail addresses to the account:


Now the group users can open regimails addressed to all 13 shared e-mail boxes.