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The notes.ini is not getting patched automatically by the regify client setup

See next question...

The regify buttons are not visible even after using correct template and installed regify client

You may need to patch the notes.ini by yourself. You can find the regarding information in the documentation that comes with the Lotus Notes scheme provided by regify. The regify setup assistant try's to patch the notes.ini by himself. Upon this, he needs to locate your notes.ini file. To find this file, the regify setup assistant searches the following registry keys for a valid path. Inside of this path, the program searches for a valid notes.ini file:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lotus\Notes\8.0\DataPath

If no notes.ini is found in one of the places located using the registry keys above, the setup assistant try's to use the %NOTESDATA% environment variable of windows.

If none of the pathes will contain a valid notes.ini, the regify setup assistant is not able to successfully patch the notes.ini. In this case, you need to patch the file by yourself.

The Lotus Notes template complains "file not found" while trying to send a regify message

Maybe the location of your regify-client changed (different installation folder?). In that case you may need to update the $Regifypath value in your notes.ini file. Please open the notes.ini and check the value of $Regifypath. In case it does no longer match, please correct it and save the file. You may need to restart Lotus Notes to make the changes work.

I successfully installed the provided Lotus Notes template, but no regify buttons appear?

The template is designed in that way, that the regify buttons will only appear, if the notes.ini is successfully patched by the regify client setup. Remember that you need to install the regify client, in order to be able to use regify with Lotus Notes.

I have a german language system, but the regify buttons appear in english?

Regularly the regify functions appear in the language employed by Lotus Notes after the first use of regify and re-start of the client.

The quota rules of the current Lotus Notes configuration are ignored on regify mails?

Yes, the current template does not take care about the given quota rules. They will only affect non-regify mails.

The rules and policies for automatic Notes-encryption are not working on regify-mails?

No, it is not possible to use both methods onto the same e-mail. The Notes signing and encryption functions are not necessary for regify mails. They are encrypted itself and authentication and integrity are granted by regify, too.