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All regify software for Windows, Mac and Linux is storing several settings on the local drive (.ini files in %APPDATA%). In order to protect sensitive data, passwords (login, smtp, identity-file) are encrypted using a hardware based key.

Running regify software on Terminal Server or Citrix environments means to run on a different machine after login. The host usually switches depending on load or availability of host machines. Thus, the hosting hardware is changing and you may get permanent error regarding "hardware has changed" .

To get rid of the problem, you need to provide a registry key that is on all Terminal Server or Citrix host machines:


It must be of type REG_SZ and, for example "Nupew,Eqaqe967" as value (without quotation marks). It must be the same on all your Terminal Server or Citrix hosts, so every regify software is always getting this key (no matter which host machine the user is associated during login). The trick is that it must be the same on all host machines. You may provide this to the servers with the help of some .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Please replace the above example key with some other password.

If you already configured your software before the keys were entered

Upon the keys are created on all hosts, the regify software will again complain about changed hardware on next start. Now, re-enter the credentials (regify password, SMTP password and maybe you need to re-load the identity file if used). Now it will run as usual.