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The regipay Desktop is a handy way to generate regipay messages directly on your Windows PC.

It has the following features:

  • Convert and send all PDF document from a given input-folder.
  • Gathers recipients e-mail address directly from PDF document.
  • If no e-mail address is found, it optionally forwards the document to the printer.
  • Sending of regipay e-mail using SMTP (supports SMTP-authentication).
  • Easy to use setup-assistant (runs automatically on first start).
  • Available in English, German and French translation.
  • Allows manual adjustment of recipient information.
  • Optionally find additional information (personal-numbers, names, salutation etc.) by using Regular Expressions.
  • Split-function to split a multipage-document into multiple single-page documents.
  • PDF processing during sending
    • Optional add additional page(s) to all documents (PDF enclosure).
    • Optional add a background layer to all documents (PDF stitching).
  • Individual default text for the e-mail body and subject (editable in plain text or using HTML).
  • Usage of placeholders for automatically fill-in of username, pdf-name, date information and other.
  • Profile manager for handling multiple configurations.
regipay Desktop screenshot
regipay, how it was viewed