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There are a few things to know and consider for updating the system. Please read carefully!

Important Upgrade Notes: Major OS upgrade

This update is making a major OS upgrade of your regigate. The CentOS 6 system is updated to CentOS 7.5, which requires a few reboots and SSH re-logins. It also takes some more time than a normal patch update (6 to 15 minutes, mainly depending on your system speed).

Important ToDo before upgrading! READ ME

More RAM for the Virtual Machine

For the upgrade to work, the VM must have at least 2GB of RAM. If you do not yet have 2GB RAM assigned, you may want to shutdown the machine (shutdown -h now) and re-assign some more memory before you switch it back on and start the upgrade.

If you're using the NAGIOS capabilities

Please note that /etc/nagios/nrpe.cfg will be overwritten and nrpe will not run after the upgrade. You may want to make notes of the needed settings before upgrading.

If you installed third party tools like VMWare-Tools, Backup-Tools etc

Please note that other running demons and scripts might crash the upgrade. Please stop all running third party demons and scripts which are not original by regify. In case of doubt, remove them prior to the upgrade! Please also note that, due to all our documentation and contracts, we are not reliable for any issues caused by such third party software. Maintenance efforts due to such issues will be charged. In general, we strongly suggest to not run any third party tools at all (not even virtualization or backup tools)! Virtualization tools are not required at all.

Make a snapshot shortly before upgrading

In order to be able to rollback a failed upgrade, please make a snapshot of your virtual machine(s) shortly before starting the upgrade.

IMPORTANT: Read the dialogues during update!

If dialogues or notes coming up during update, please READ them carefully and follow instructions!

Starting the upgrade

To update your regigate appliance, please log in via SSH (PuTTY) and select the first menu item "Check for updates". The update process can take up to 15 minutes. If you are running a redundant system (floating IP), you first have to break the connection between the two systems. After the upgrade of both systems, you can re-establish redundancy.

ToDo after upgrading

RAM for the Virtual Machine

Maybe you like to shutdown (shutdown -h now) and set RAM size back to what it was before (eg 500MB or more)?

If you created snapshots, remove them

In case you created a snapshot before update, you might consider removing it. If everything went fine, a fresh snapshot of the updated system makes more sense.

If you're using the NAGIOS capabilities

You have to re-setup NAGIOS modules and configuration after the update. Please use the notes you've taken before.