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regibill FAQ

Do I need to be authenticated to send regibill documents? At which level?

Yes, to use regibill, you need to be authenticated and you need the unlock-code for your individual identity-file. The wizard and the configuration-dialog of "regibill desktop" will ask you for this unlock-code. You need to be authenticated at least with authentication-level 3. Otherwise you will get error 76 (individual identity-file needed).

I do not see any regibill functionalities in my portal-menu. What do I need to do to be able to send regibill?

Your regify-provider needs to activate this option for you. Please contact the regify-provider support.

What is the difference between regibill standard and regibill premium?

The regibill premium is complementary to regibill standard.

  • regibill standard are normal PDF documents containing additional information to allow verification (regibill digest). Each regibill standard document is registered using the regify clearing service. It can be only validated using a key from the clearing. Upon this, the regify-provider is able to verify the senders authentication and the document integrity for you. The recipient of a regibill standard does not need to own a regify account. He can validate his documents at any regify-provider who offers validation free of charge.
  • regibill premium are normal regibill standard PDF documents that are sent using regimail. There can be multiple regibill standard documents inside of a regimail. In case of regibill premium, the transport of the content is encrypted and you will get a recipience notification. In order to open a regibill premium document, the recipient needs at least a free regify account. Even if such a PDF is extracted from the regibill premium, it is still able to get validated like a regibill standard!

What kind of PDF can I convert to regibill standard?

Every standard-conform PDF document can get converted. This works with PDF standard V1.3 until the current V1.7. It also works with PDF documents that comply to the PDF/A standard.
In order to use regibill-desktop, you need PDF documents that contain real text. PDF documents with scanned images will not work, as the software is not able to read e-mail addresses and other information from images.

How can I create/send regibill invoices?

There are two ways:

  • using the regify Client-SDK. It can be used for creation of batch processing scripts or your own applications.
  • using the free regibill desktop application. The regibill desktop is meant for small and medium sized organizations.

Do I need to be regimail professional member to be able to send regibill premium?

No, you can send regibill premium even if you are not a regimail professional member.

Are there any signs that show me, if a PDF document is a regibill document?

The only sign is the word regibill in the filename. Every regibill creator is forced to rename his PDF files using this word. There are no further visible characteristics. The regibill digest is hidden in the document structure (but standard conform) and will not get displayed.

Are there restrictions for the PDF displaying application?

No, until today we do not know about any incompatibilities of PDF readers with regibill standard documents. It works fine with Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, Sumatra-PDF etc. It also works on other operating systems like Linux and MacOS.

I need to use a proxy for internet access, but I can not find fields for?

regibill desktop is able to use a proxy. Enter the proxy data directly on the login dialog (after setup) or later in the configuration dialog.

What kind of PDF documents are your recommendation?

We recommend you to send PDF/A files. This is a standard that guaranties optimal readability even after a long time (archiving). It also ensures that no exotic technology is used that may confuse regipay software.

I use the Client-SDK, but I get error 43 (no regibill allowed)?

Your regify-provider needs to activate this option for you. Please contact the regify-provider support.

Regular Expressions

Find date

^(19|20)\d\d[- /.](0[1-9]|1[012])[- /.](0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01])$

Finds a date in yyyy-mm-dd format from between 1900-01-01 and 2099-12-31, with a choice of four allowed separators.

Find numbers


search "##-######" where # is a digit (like "12-123456")


search "#-#/20##" (like "71-07/2011")

Find values behind words


Finds all chars after "Username:" (look ahead version).

Username\:\s*(.*) with \1

Finds all chars after "Username:" (group version).


Finds all numbers with 5 or more digits after "Invoice-Nr.: " (look ahead version).

Invoice-Nr\.:\s*([0-9]{5}[0-9]*) with \1

Finds all numbers with 5 or more digits after "Invoice-Nr.: " (group version).