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If you're experiencing a DDoS attack on your regify provider, you may want to know if and how regify can help you on this issue.

Please understand that a DDoS attack is an attack on your company and technically an attack on your infrastructure. DDoS attacks are not caused by regify products or how regify designed or developed the product. It is an attack on your infrastructure.

Technically, a DDoS attack might affect

  • your available bandwidth.
  • your hosted machine capabilities (CPU, memory, space).
  • your technical devices like routers, firewalls and other network devices.

As a consequence, the regify provider might be unreachable, not responding (very slow or timeouts) or displaying error messages. This very likely affects both the web interface and the sending and receiving of regify messages (regimail, regipay, regibox etc). It does not matter if the user is using his mobile or PC devices. regigates may be affected, too.

Unfortunately, we as regify

  • do not have control about your infrastructure.
  • cannot help you identifying the root cause of the inavailability of a system.
  • cannot help you identifying the attacker.
  • cannot provide you help to bring back your systems.


You should contact your hosting provider immediately. Many hosting providers offer DDoS Mitigations or DDoS protection. Maybe they can help you by

  • implementing a DDoS-mitigation-appliance.
  • temporarily providing more ressources (CPU, bandwidth etc).

Please note the tips to shutdown and restart your provider appliance.

There are also service providers claiming to protect you from DDoS attacks. We do not have experience in that field but you might want to check the services of vendors like Cloudflare, Acamai, Ribbon, Netscout, myraSecurity (Germany) etc.