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2022-02-08 / regiboxd V2.1.0 (public release)

Major release (Windows / Linux)

  • New: Complete rework of the underlying synchronisation engine
    • Faster startup if there are a lot of regiboxes and files/folders.
    • More robust handling of several edge cases.
    • Faster reaction on new files.
    • Faster internal handling of regiboxes (eg during new regibox or accepting invitation).
    • Reduced disk activity on many regiboxes (but higher memory consumption).
  • New: Obsoleted getBoxList call. It is replaced with getInvites
  • New: Added dynamic tokens to logfile name in -l parameter.
  • New: Added logging call to control debug logging at runtime.
  • New: Enhanced getFileList call
    • Added filter parameter.
    • Added unposted and unacked file and version status to filter hung files.
  • New: Enhanced getVersionList call
    • Added filter parameter.
    • Result now also includes BoxPath and FileId.


2021-01-25 / regiboxd V2.0.1 (public release)

Patch release

  • Fix: Removed imagemagick dependency on Linux hosts.
  • Fix: Stop unwanted rgbx file deletion on MacOS after invitation was accepted.
  • Fix: Fixed missing log in diagnostics if there were more than 500 regiboxes.
  • Int: Enhanced robustness of file uploads in case of missing or lost events from regify provider.

2020-09-22 / regiboxd V2.0 (public release)

The backend of regiboxd was completely renewed and updated. Therefore, there were some new features added. Also, a few API functions slightly changed. You will have to adapt your code if you use the changed functions!

  • Changed folders
    • The request folder changed from "drops" to "req".
      Example changed from C:\example\boxconfig\drops\request to C:\example\boxconfig\req\request.
    • The response folder changed from "tmp" to "res".
      Example changed from C:\example\boxconfig\tmp\response to C:\example\boxconfig\res\response.
  • Changed API functions
    • All given path values provided by JSON have to be absolute pathes (including drive letter on Windows).
    • getBoxInfo now returns
      "ownerEmail" : "", "localOn" : true
      instead of the initial
      "state": 16
      localOn represents state: 16 and ownerEmail was added.
    • newConfig supports new additional values: keepRemovedBoxes, eventsToSyslog and eventLogPath.
    • getBoxList response was changed to return a standard status object instead of just the array. Now it also includes metrics.
    • invite, the roleId value 2 (read/write/publish) has been removed. Existing data will be migrated. Please note that "publishing" is no longer a regibox internal feature. It has to become implemented separately (like in regibox Manager).
    • unfollowBox has been removed and rolled into deleteBox. deleteBox will automatically unfollow if the box is not owned and else delete it.
    • Please refer to included PDF documentation for more detailed explanation of the parameters and functions.
  • New API functions
    • acceptInvite
    • getActivities
    • getConfig
    • getFileList
    • getPastVersion
    • getRecoveryList
    • getResource
    • getUserList
    • getVersionList
    • recoverVersion
    • resetConfig
    • restoreFile
    • setConfig
    • setUser
    • Please refer to included PDF documentation for more detailed explanation of the new functions.

Please also note that the new regiboxd setup for Windows is now creating a start menu shortcut for the PDF documentation.

2019-05-09 / regiboxd V1.6.2 (public release)

Patch release

  • Internal: Handle websocket connections that are gone without any notification (eg TCP/IP lines drop silently by defect firewall).

2019-02-20 / regiboxd V1.6.1 (public release)

Patch release

  • API: Removed any usage of zuid and hexUid from the API. Now there is only uid.
  • New: Adding configuration information to diagnostics for better analysis.
  • New: Adding performance statistics to diagnostics for better analysis.
  • Fix: Include documentation in debian package.
  • Fix: Add missing chinese templates.
  • Fix: Fixed diagnostics missing cURL entries if not started from the beginning by using -v switch.
  • Internal: Improve behavior under high load introduced by missing websockets.
  • Internal: Enhance websocket usage to fit size constrained environments.

2018-10-04 / regiboxd V1.6.0 (public release)

First regiboxd release (regibox SDK)

  • Allows installation of regibox as daemon/service (Linux and Windows, 64 Bit).
  • Allows management of multiple instances with independent configurations.
  • Control regiboxd instances using command-line options in flexible JSON syntax.
  • Find the documentation in the installation folder (Windows) or /usr/share/regiboxd/ (Linux).