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This page contains the last few change-logs for the regify client software.

regify client release versions

2021-01-28 / Client V4.4.2 (public release for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Patch update for regify client (not regipay)

  • New: Linux-Version is now using QT backend to prevent issues with missing libwebkitgtk version in many distributions.

Outlook AddIn:

  • Fix: Better archive store detection (prevent using archives to store final regimail).

2020-05-12 / Client V4.4.1 (public release for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Patch update

  • New: The regify client setup will identify Interlink (a Thunderbird alternative) on Windows and Linux. If found, it installs the regify AddIn for Thunderbird (which is compatible).
  • New: If error 10 (wrong password) or 18 (old password) comes up, the program asks you directly to open the settings dialog. This is especially helpful for regipay client.
  • Fix: Replacing [REALNAME] placeholder in message body did not work.
  • Fix: Enhanced speed while creating reply messages (especially for huge email bodies).
  • Fix: Updated copyright year in program headline.

Outlook AddIn:

  • New: Registry option to skip stores for regimail writing/sending (eg archives). Offers a fix for problems with archive accounts.
  • Fix: Enhanced logging for store selection.

2020-01-20 / Client V4.4.0 (public major release for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Major update

  • New: From version 4.4, there is a regify client and a regipay client for Windows and Mac.
    • The regipay client is dedicated for viewing regipay messages. It is smaller and does not come with any AddIns.
    • The regify client is still able to show regipay messages, in case someone needs both regimail and regipay.
    • For Linux, we stay with the generic regify client.
  • New: Supporting new regimail product logo.
  • New: Splitting display of regimail message body and header to decrease attack vectors (no attack known yet).
  • New: Enhanced printing functions (better compatibility on Mac and Linux).
  • New: Supporting file extension .rgp (dedicated for regipay only).
  • New: Supporting HTML tags in email signature (only affecting standalone sending).
  • New: Mac version able to send regimails using Apple Mail (no SMTP settings needed).
  • New: Enhanced installation script for Windows, needs less mouse clicks for installation.
  • New: Opening .rgf and .rgp files from command-line now also possible using URL scheme (file://c:\message.rgf).
  • Internal: Updated standalone message editor component (better compatibility on Windows 10).
  • Internal: Removed bubble help system.
  • Internal: Mac OS setups are now also notarized to prevent warnings during installation.
  • Fix: Fix Content-Disposition MIME header for sending messages with standalone client

Outlook AddIn:

  • Supports new regimail product logo.
  • Requires no longer .NET Framework 3.5. Instead, Framework 4.5.1 is the new requirement.
    • The AddIn startup should be faster now.
    • Newer Windows versions don't need to activate .NET 3.5 support anymore.
    • Older Windows versions will need to download .NET 4.5.1 framework for installation.
  • The handling of special constellations with multiple Exchange accounts is enhanced (sending account).
  • More tolerant with corrupt Exchange profiles (eg missing SMTPAddress property).

Thunderbird AddOn:

  • Supports new regimail product logo.
  • Also supporting 64 bit versions of Thunderbird
  • NOTE: Thunderbird AddOn support will end with Thunderbird 60. Newer Thunderbird versions are no longer supported!

2019-02-14 / Client V4.3.5 (public release for Windows and Mac)


Windows installation:

  • New: Setup needs two mouse clicks less than before (less user confusion).
  • New: Windows setup will identify future "regipay" installations and clean them up before installing ("regipay" is a new upcoming simple regipay client).

regify client

  • New: Mac client now coming in 64 bit. By this, error "regify client is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated." is going away.

Outlook AddIn:

  • New: Setup will identify Outlook 2019, too.
  • New: Enhance functionality with S/MIME signed messages. At least, the regimail is created in a way that it is readable for the recipient (get rid of smime.p7m file).
  • New: Display error message if S/MIME encryption is used with regimail and no mixed handling is possible.
  • Fix: Fixed issues with automatic reconversion. Sometimes, if incoming message contains some OLE object, it triggered reconversion for non regify mails.

2018-11-28 / Client V4.3.4 (public release for Windows)


Outlook AddIn:

  • New: Added compatibility with Outlook 2019 (Beta)
  • Fix: Under Windows 10 October 2018 Update (1809), sending or converting a regimail triggers "System Error. Code: 18. There are no more files" exception.
  • Fix: Fixed issues choosing the wrong outbox folder in situations with several mixed exchange accounts.

2018-08-17 / Client V4.3.3 (public release for Windows)

Patch-Update Just fixing a Windows installer issue due to AntiVirus false alerts. No automatic updates for this release. It is just for people who download and install the first time.

2018-08-08 / Client V4.3.2 (public release for Windows and Linux)

Patch-Update, mainly for the Outlook and Thunderbird AddIns

Outlook 2013 and 2016:

  • Fix: Fix message staying in drafts folder after using reply with regimail and clicking ordinary "Send" button.
  • Fix: Enhanced AddIn loading time.
  • Fix: Fixed empty body message in case the message was composed from outside (eg Word -> Share -> as attachment).
  • Fix: Enhanced logging and error message in case of failure during regify client execution.
  • Fix: Fixed some issues with Outlook Account assignment if regimail is sent with email account which is not the default one.
  • Fix: Email addresses with special characters like #$%&' were denied.
  • Fix: Sometimes, if an S/MIME email was currently selected, the AddIn denied sending complaining not an email item.

Outlook 2010:

  • Fix: Allow multiple attachments with the same filename (auto rename)


  • Fix: Fixed compatibility issues with Thunderbird 60

regify client:

  • Fix: Real user name was not updated locally after it was changed in provider.

2018-05-09 / Client V4.3.1 (public release for Windows and Mac)


  • Fix: Fix issues with PAC-file requests to PAC servers who do not accept POST requests. Now using GET requests.
  • Fix: Fix issues with UTF8 decoding of regify provider message templates (see help here)

2018-04-25 / Client V4.3.0 (public release for Windows and Mac)

Major release


  • New: Added language support for Simplified Chinese.
  • New: Added some tool tip help for reminder period in standalone client.
  • New: Now regify Client for Mac is a 64 bit application so MacOS stops complaining.
  • Fix: Solved issue with missing icon for rgf-files in Mac Mail.
  • Fix: If password reset was triggered from client and email address was entered with uppercase characters, it failed.
  • Internal: Updated compiler base to most recent version.
  • Internal: Protocol enhancements regarding future representative functions for underlying SDK.

Thunderbird AddIn:

  • New: Enhanced compatibility up to current version 59.0b2 (still in development).


  • New: Windows-Installer making sure that .NET 3.5 is available for Outlook AddIn.

2017-12-19 / Client V4.2.6 (public release for Windows, Linux and Mac)


  • Fix: Local protection password turned invalid after regify password has changed which leads to the need of a client configuration reset.
  • Fix: Enhanced some misleading sentences in the Windows installer.
  • Fix: Fixed scaling problems on MacOS High Sierra with Retina Display.
  • Fix: Fixed crash in Outlook AddIn together with ActiveSync email accounts.
  • Fix: Fixed annoying Outlook messages if not connected to Exchange Server.
  • Fix: Added some error messages in case someone tries to add contacts, notes or calendar entries to a regimail in Outlook (which is not allowed due to an Outlook bug).
  • Fix: If both regify client and regibox manager are installed on Mac OS, a double click on an RGF attachment opened regibox manager instead of regify client.

2017-08-02 / Client V4.2.5 (public release for Windows)


  • Fix: Fixed error MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND in regify Outlook AddIn.

2017-06-07 / Client V4.2.4 (public release for Windows, Linux and Mac)


  • Fix: Removed "unknown developer" warning during installation on Mac OSX
  • Fix: Fixed Thunderbird AddIn incompatibility with Version >= 52.1.1
  • Fix: In Thunderbird AddIn, some 4 bytes utf8 characters have not been encoded correctly in subject.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with 4byte Unicode characters in subject (displayed wrong in regify client header display on Linux)
  • Fix: Added some more flexibility in case Outlook is off-line or not able to access Exchange server (Message "We can't complete this because we can't contact the server right now.")
  • Fix: Outlook 2016 AddIn failed to create a copy from original message if regimail was sent using "inline response" on OL 2016.
  • Fix: Sometimes Outlook AddIn was not able to determine the sender account in Outlook (with Exchange only). Now using the regify client configuration as fall-back.
  • Internal: Updated libcurl library to also support IDN domains (Windows client only)

2016-12-22 / Client V4.2.3 (public release for Windows)



  • Update: Enhanced icons for "Standard Setup" and "Custom Setup".
  • Update: Enhanced description of the various Outlook AddIn features in "Custom Setup".
  • Fix: Fixed problem in installer who was not able to correctly detect Outlook 2013/2016 32 bit on 64 bit Windows.
  • Note: This update does not come automatically as it is of no benefit on already installed clients.

2016-11-28 / Client V4.2.2 (public release for Windows)


Outlook AddIn:

  • Fix: Fixed error message about wrong version of redemption.dll in Office 2010 AddIn (Office 2013 and 2016 are not affected).

2016-11-23 / Client V4.2.1 (public release for Windows and Linux)



  • Fix: Fixed issue creating a regimail file in regify client if attached file is from a path with single quote in name.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue if regify client was password secured and some hardware changed.
  • Update: Now downloading updates from secure https connection (
  • Update: Enhanced error messages if SSL certificate check was the reason for an issue.
  • Linux: Updated client to use webkit-3 instead of webkit-1.
  • Linux: Fixed invalid session issue while opening web portal (in fact an issue of xdg-open. We now do our own default browser detection and use xdg-open only as fallback).

Outlook AddIn:

  • Fix: Fixed OLAddIn problem if all options to get the senders email address fail and the first item in Sent folder is not a mailitem. The fixed error was "The COM-Object of type "System.__ComObject" can not be converted to MailItem..."
  • Fix: Fixed a small bug causing the OLAddIn to use a sender mail-address which is not a valid SMTP mail-address (X400 style name).
  • Update: Enhanced handling of InlineResponse messages (sometimes it failed to reply).
  • Update: Updated Redemption objects component to version 5.11.

2016-04-28 / Client V4.2.0 (public release for Windows, Mac and Linux)

Major Release


  • Enhanced identity file dialogues (link to help etc).
  • Utilize new GUI colours to better fit to new provider design.
  • Now displaying provider name in configuration dialogue.
  • Fix: Prevent multiple checks for update in some conditions.
  • Fix: Fixed problem to be unable to unselect proxy if something is entered in proxy URL field.

Outlook AddIn:

  • More stable now by using better regify connectivity.
  • Adding "(regify original)" to messages subject if stored unencrypted in sent-items sub folder.
  • Fix: Fixed several errors with Exchange reported by users.


  • Fix: Setup now also detects Office 2016 to install correct Outlook AddIn.

2015-11-20 / Client V4.1.4 (public release for Windows)

  • Changed setup to work around a permanent false alert of Trend Micro Antivirus Scanner.

2015-09-07 / Client V4.1.3 (public release for Linux and Mac)

This is the first Mac-OS version offering an HTML editor for formatted message writing and the e-mail setup assistant!

Client (Patch release for Mac-OS and Linux only):

  • Fixed not working "print" button on Linux in standard reading dialogue.
  • Fixed non-working "Display" button for regipay viewing in Linux version (only on some distributions).
  • Fixed non-working CTRL+C in reading dialogue on Linux.
  • Fixed problems opening attached files if the filename contained a blank character.
  • Fixed incompatibility with most recent Mac-OS Yosemite patch of apple.
    • No longer able to connect to the Internet.
    • Thus, unable to configure initially (always saying it misses configuration).

2015-07-22 / Client V4.1.2 (public release)


  • Enhanced update mechanism for internal HTML-editor component (standalone usage).
  • Fixed standalone editor issues on Mac-OS Yosemite

Thunderbird AddIn:

  • Added compatibility with Thunderbird 38.


  • Enhanced .NET 3.5 detection.
  • Fixed non-silent Outlook AddIn (2013) setup if setup was called using /qn option.

2015-06-08 / Client V4.1.1 (public release)


  • Enhanced status dialogue while SMTP sending (only standalone mode).

Outlook AddIn:

  • Fixed a bug that encrypted an e-mail twice in case the user pressed "new regimail" followed by "send regimail" in OL 2007 or 2010.

2015-05-18 / Client V4.1.0 (public release for Windows and Linux)


  • Now supports formatting in standalone creation mode (only Win and Mac).
  • Adopted user interface design to the new design of the regify provider V4.
    • Blue and flat main buttons.
    • Using white flat icons.
  • Added new automatic update feature for centralized update provisioning.
  • Installer now containing old Outlook AddIn for Outlook 2007 to 2010 (32 Bit) and new Outlook AddIn for Outlook 2013 (32 and 64 Bit).
  • Added a new SMTP e-mail setup assistant for standalone mode (trying to automatically get SMTP settings).

Thunderbird AddIn:

  • Now supporting reconversion on IMAP accounts, too.
  • Fixed a few bugs regarding other character sets in attachment names.
  • Completely re-furbished code infrastructure.

Outlook AddIn:

  • Added new Outlook AddIn to installer
    • Now based on .NET 3.5.
    • Supporting Outlook 2013 in 32 and 64 bit.
    • Supporting multiple files with same filename as attachments (auto-renaming).
  • Fixed problems with Exchange resource accounts.
  • Outlook 2007 and 2010 (32 bit) still using the existing Outlook AddIn.

2014-12-12 / Client V4.0.2 (internal release only)


  • Added new registry option to deny any sending activities of the regify client.
  • Added PAC proxy support for customize.ini.

2014-10-20 / Client V4.0.1 (public release for Mac only)


  • Enhanced compatibility to MacOS Yosemite (MacOS 10.10)

2014-07-22 / Client V4.0.0 (public release)


  • Complete new user interface.
  • Offers CC: field for standalone mode.
  • Checking for updates after closing the client.
  • Showing additional tips at the first start (standalone client).
  • One code-basis for Windows, Linux and MacOS client builds.
  • No longer needing cacert.pem file.
  • Using new proxy dialogue.
  • Updated libcurl component.
  • Now supporting PAC files for proxy usage.
  • Added a "complete reset" option to program password dialogue.
  • Enhanced utf8 detection and added some logging for filename parameters.
  • Added automatic configuration update in response to provider config checksum.
  • Mac version supporting built-in Mac address book.
  • SMTP sending now shows real SMTP sending progress (no fake progress anymore).


  • Now supporting Thunderbird V24.
  • Fixed a few bugs

2013-04-26 / Client V3.10.0 (public release)


  • Automatic update of provider configuration on each client update (logo, default template etc.).
  • SMTP sending in standalone mode now supports TLS security (STARTTLS). Now supporting gmail etc.
  • Fix: Fixed problems on displays with changed DPI settings.


  • Now supporting Thunderbird V17.
  • Fixed problems with embedded images in forwarded messages.


  • Now supporting Office 2013 (32 Bit).
  • Fixed issues in recognizing incomming emails with activated auto-reconvert.

2012-11-05 / Client V3.9.2 (public release)


  • Fix: Fixed sponsor message counting negative values.
  • Fix: Fixed sponsor message not displaying the provider name.

Outlook AddIn:

  • Fix: Fixed setup problem with Office 2013 RTM version (still not officially supportet).

2012-09-24 / Client V3.9 (public release)


  • New: Users do not need to remember the regify provider they are assigned to (mailaddress and password is sufficient).
  • New: More easy login and provider selection using regify provider lookup service.
  • New: No need to download regify-client from correct provider anymore.
  • New: Supports Thunderbird up to V15.
  • New: Full unicode support for complete asian and eastern languages.
  • New: Printer selection for printing regipay documents.
  • New: Sponsor-message is reduced to 3 seconds.
  • New: Changing the regify provider does no longer need manual file deletions.

Outlook AddIn:

  • New: Full unicode support for complete asian and eastern languages.
  • Fix: Reconversion now also works with all kind of mailaccount types.

2012-03-28 / Client V3.8.3 (public release)

  • New: Supports Thunderbird up to V11 - V14.

2012-02-03 / Client V3.8.2 (public release)

  • New: Supports Thunderbird up to V9.
  • New: Thunderbird AddIn supports reconversion (only for POP accounts).
  • New: Support for regipay "4 button dialog".
  • New: Support for regimail private feature.
  • New: Enhanced error-messages dialog incl. user-help.
  • New: Reply using Lotus Notes.
  • Int: Some important files are now digitally signed with a vendor certificate (regify AG).
  • Int: Unified and overworked authentication images.
  • Int: Printing the message forces system to also print background images (better results).
  • Int: Enhanced image detection and displaying in HTML bodies.
  • Int: Enhanced some unicode and UTF8 related issues.
  • Int: Outlook AddIn now checks for stuck regify mails in draft folder.
  • Fix: Fixed refresh-problem on some Windows 7 systems (message-window only white until resize).
  • Fix: Fixed citate problem on Outlook (added some weird characters like ? and / on the beginning).
  • Fix: Fixed Outlook AddIn sending unencrypted in case of crashes in regify client.
  • Fix: Fixed some rare wrong subject encoding in Outlook AddIn.

2011-09-24 / Client V3.7.23 (public release)

  • New: Supports Thunderbird up to V7
  • New: Supports french language.
  • New: fully supports proxy server with no further IE dependencies (now uses cURL).
  • Int: remembers the last 1000 message answers (previous has been 250 messages).
  • Int: usage of new and more secure auto-login feature for website.
  • Int: new [REGIFY]DebugLevel option in regify_client.ini.
  • Fix: Fixed problems on files with more than 26 attachments.
  • Fix: Fixed display error on some systems (regify message was white until window resize).

2011-09-19 / Client V3.7.21

  • special purpose release

2011-03-04 / Client V3.6.5 (public release)

  • Int: Contains newest client-SDK V2.7.0.

2011-02-02 / Client V3.6.4 (internal release)

  • New: Setup contains the newest Thunderbird AddIn (V1.00).
  • Fix: Fixed Thunderbird AddIn problems while using the attachment in forwarded mails (nsmail.dat).
  • Int: HTML Body's are getting filtered against some unwanted html attributes.

2011-01-05 / Client V3.6.3 (public release)

  • New: Setup contains the newest Thunderbird AddIn (V0.99).
  • Fix: Password adoption works with no CryptoValidate entry, too (detect invalid password).

2010-12-30 / Client V3.6.2 (internal release)

  • New: regify-Client detects old machine-code algorithm and converts old data to new one. Most users do not need to enter their passwords again!

2010-10-22 / Client V3.6.0 (internal release)

(This release needs regify-provider 2.7.4 or newer)

  • New: Setup contains the new Thunderbird AddIn (V0.95).
  • New: Check-button for entered regify connection (in settings-dialog).
  • New: Assistant needs only username/password. Mailaddress and full name is gathered through the regify-provider.
  • Int: The client has been compiled using the newest PB compiler 4.50.
  • Int: First use assistant recognizes more Lotus Notes variations, too (no SMTP settings in Assistant).
  • Int: Message open history saves hashcode instead of filename to identify the previously opened messages.
  • Int: regify-client uses %APPDATA%\regify for storing his data. Old configurations are getting recognized and changed automatically.
  • Int: Overworked base64 encoding in standalone smtp client.
  • Int: Reading-dialog replaces some mozilla css-styles with some standard-styles (better displaying of thunderbird-generated messages).
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with cursor-focus in settings-dialog.

regify.dll V1.6.8

  • New: regifyGetURL method now available (supports proxy, too).
  • New: regifyComposeContainer -> strSenderName is optional now (empty = name from regify-portal account)
  • New: New function regifyGetRealUsername() and regifyGetUserMailaddress() to retrieve the real name and the main mailaddress of the currently logged in user.

2010-07-28 / Client V3.5.20

(This release needs regify-provider 2.7.3 or newer)

  • New: Thunderbird reply function (no need for an addin in this case).
  • New: Better HTML to ASCII conversion for zitate (now correctly handles lists).
  • New: Direct-Login (globe in main menu) now uses a hash challenge to prevent the function from missuses (needs Portal V2.7.3 or newer).
  • Fix: Fixed wrong HTML Reply on UTF-8 encoded headers (some outlook mails).

2010-07-26 / Client V3.5.19

Client V3.5.19

  • New: At first usage, the regify-client will show a hint about to use Outlook and Lotus notes as preferred method.
  • Fix: Fixed missing LineBreaks in displaying utf-8 encoded ascii message body's.

Outlook AddIn V3.7.1

  • New: Support for Outlook 2010
  • New: silent sending for all Outlook Versions (no send/receive popup)

regify.dll V1.6.6

  • Fix: fixed problems with certificate encoding (utf-8 - ascii) and handling

2010-05-18 / Client V3.5.18

Client V3.5.18

  • New: a new registry option 'DenyUpdateCheck' allows administrators to prevent any update checks of the regify client software. See regify_SWDeployment.pdf.
  • New: commandline-option /COMPOSE to pre-define fields in regify-client (write-mode)
  • New: reply using standalone-client (if SMTP is configured)
  • New: new customize.ini options "DisableURL", "DisableSMTP" and "DisableUpdates". See regify_SWDeployment.pdf.
  • Inf: New outlook-style icon for "reply using outlook"
  • Fix: Fixed windows ordering problem with "request identity-file" dialog
  • Fix: Username inserted to default-template is now encoded using utf-8

Outlook AddIn V3.6.14

  • Fix: fixed a problem on foreign language systems (error 13 on startup)
  • Fix: fixed name-resolution issue on some Exchange/ActiveDirectory configurations

regify.dll V1.6.4

  • New: Transmits IdentityHash to clearing using CKeyAndHash (does not affect old clearing)


  • New: Setup no longer installs to folder including a special char ((r))
  • New: Setup no longer inserts startmenu-entries using a special char

2010-02-11 / Client V3.5.17

Client V3.5.17

  • New: Prepare_Installation.exe additionally searches environment-variable %NOTESDATA% to find a Lotus Notes installation (only if #HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lotus\Notes\Path and #HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lotus\Notes\DataPath failed.

Outlook AddIn V3.6.11

  • New: messages that have been opened using "new regify mail" allow to click "send regify", too.

2010-02-08 / Client V3.5.16

(internal release on demo-portal only)

Client V3.5.16

  • New: client uses Arial as fixed font (better display on changed DPI settings)
  • Fix: fixed some tab-order related problems
  • Fix: on some systems, single saved files lost their extension

Outlook AddIn V3.6.9

  • New: reconverted messages will get sensitivity "private" (if supported by OL client)
  • Fix: fixed error while automatic reconversion of regify files (error 13)

Setup related

  • New: assistant uses Arial as fixed font (better display on changed DPI settings)
  • New: Lotus Notes related settings and some other setup-related stuff is exported to Prepare_Installation.exe wich will get executed during MSI setup.

2010-01-18 / Client V3.5.15

Client V3.5.15

  • New: client supports http-proxy settings now
  • Fix: Fixed some image-related problems
  • New: Display of senders identity shows auth-level now

Outlook AddIn V3.6.9

  • New: Better error-text in case an OL version 2000 or 2002 is getting used.