Automatic proxy setting for regibox manager

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It allows to automatically pre-define the proxy server settings of the regibox manager.

PAC support

Important: The regibox manager supports PAC files and therefore is able to handle proxy switching by using such PAC file.

Proxy pre-definition for new users

In some software deployment cases you might need to pre-select or pre-define the proxy settings for new users. In such case, you can copy a pre-defined regibox.ini file to the users application data folder. Please only copy in case the file does not exist already. To pre-select a proxy, please use a template like this for %APPDATA%\regify\regibox\regibox.ini:

proxySelection = 1
proxyServer =
proxyPACFile = 
proxyUsername = 
proxyPassword = 

The possible values for proxySelection are: 0=no proxy, 1=use proxyServer, 2=use proxyPACFile

You can also pre-define proxyUsername and proxyPassword. If you consider to use a proxy with NTLM authentication (Windows logon), please leave them with empty values.