Update 5.2

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Starting the upgrade

To update your regify provider appliance, please log in via SSH (or PuTTY).

In case you log in with root account, you have to enter


to run the appliance menu.

Now select the first menu item "Check for updates". There is a huge list of packages. Use TAB to switch focus to "Yes" and press Enter to start the update. The update process can take up to 10 minutes.


If you are running a redundant system in master-slave-replication, start with the master system. Upgrade the slave directly after the master appliance.


If you are running a redundant system in cross-master-replication, do this directly one after the other on each appliance.

Finish with restart

The update also updates the kernel of the system, so you need to make a restart after the update has finished. The upate will ask you for a restart and you should answer with YES.

NOTE: Logged in using SSH (PuTTY), you can restart the appliance using the appliance menu "Appliance..." -> "Other Settings..." -> "Reboot the appliance".

In case you log in with root account, you can also enter

shutdown -r now

ToDo after upgrading

System in maintenance mode?

If you turned on maintenance mode before upgrade, the system will come up in maintenance mode after update. Please enter Administration and use "Provider maintenance" dialogue to restore operation.

CSS modifications

Size and scaling

In order to respect the growing number of huge screens and better screen resolutions, we modified the CSS structure and especially the used sizing-units of the regify provider CSS. All units are now given in rem. Rem means relative to the root html element font size. By this, switching the font size for the html element will switch the whole scaling of all the dialogs and elements (more information).

As a side effect, you can simply zoom your pages by defining a different font size for the html element using _customized.css.

Thus, we recommend you to edit your CSS in _customized.css, especially for the logo, to also use rem or em units for sizing and positioning. Scale your webbrowser and make sure the logo scales correctly with the border elements.

Branding and Corporate Identity

If you changed the colors in general (eg all button colors), we recommend you to re-do using the current CSS template from the Provider Customization page. This is the fastest way to cover all elements and icons for a quick branding.


We replaced most of the used icons and symbols by fonticons. Due to this, it is more easy to change colors and also it is good in all scalings. Please verify any images you changed by using _customized.css.


If you changed the BubbleHelp class, you very likely have to re-do your styling because the CSS has changed very much. Or remove your BubbleHelp modifications and stay with the default :-)


Please log in to your web administration now and check for any problems or error messages.