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From version 4.1, the regify provider appliance is only available in 64 bit. Version 4.0.10 was the last patch version that was delivered for 32 bit systems. If you're still running a 32 bit version, you will not get any updates in the future.

Please contact support(at)regify.com in order to migrate your appliance to 64 bit. It is only about 2 hours of work.

Important notes

If you update your regify provider from version 4.0.x to the new major release V4.1, a few things need to be noted:

  1. It was not possible to keep your existing changes on your e-mail message templates. The e-mail template engine has completely changed and there was no way to migrate them.
    • Before upgrading to V4.1, please note or copy the existing templates you have adapted (green tick behind the template). This allows you to remember your changes.
    • After you updated your system to V4.1, all e-mail templates are reset to our defaults. But this is also a chance, as we updated and enhanced the default templates regarding our experience from the last years and we believe they work better than the older ones.
    • All new templates do not set a font size. This allows to be displayed fine even if users have chosen bigger default fonts in their e-mail software (eg for bad eyes). If you want to adjust the font size in "layout.html", we suggest to set percentage values only.
    • If you like to adapt the colors and/or text, please refer to the customization documentation that is linked in your "Documentation and manuals" section in your provider web-administration.
    • Please note our offer below to provide you with a sandbox system for pre-testing.
  2. You also should update the default message for your clients in order to follow the new design of the systems e-mail templates.
    • Enter "Change provider optics and templates" in your provider web-administration, open "regify_default_message.htm" and click on "Reset to default".
    • After this happened, please edit (eg remove unused languages, edit colors and design) and click "Save changes" to store the new settings.
  3. We strongly suggest to take a look at the prices and conditions (conditions_DE.php, conditions_EN.php, conditions_FR.php).
    • Check if you also mention regibox (if you offer it).
    • Are the prices and payment options still fine?
    • If you like to use our new default text (slightly updated and also respecting regibox, if activated), please open the editor on the respective file and click on "Reset to default". Upon this, please edit (adapt prices! adapt payment options!) and click "Save changes" to store the new document.
  4. If there are some To-do's in the main provider web-administration, please read them carefully and follow the instructions. If you need help on the topics, please contact us at support (at) regify.com.
  5. Look around on the pages and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support (at) regify.com.

If you want to test before updating

We offer you to have a few days on a sandbox system to click through the system and have a look at the customization. You can also use the sandbox to create and test some of your e-mail templates. This gives you the chance to copy your settings and quickly paste it to your system after you upgraded.

If you are interested in the sandbox system, please contact us at support (at) regify.com.