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regibill Desktop, regipay Desktop and regimail Desktop software share a common changelog. They are based on the same source code and therefore most enhancements and changes are affecting all three programs in the same manner.

2024-03-18 / Desktop V2.3.2-7612 (public release)

Patch release

  • New: Increased regipay Plus upload limit from 110KB to 200KB.
    • Note: It still triggers a warning if a PDF is > 110KB.
  • Fix: Profile im-/export did not transport proxy server password.
  • Fix: Instead of local NIC IP, sometimes was submitted to PAC file for proxy selection.

2023-07-26 / Desktop V2.3.1-7609 (public release)

  • New: Supporting regipay Plus (only regipay Desktop).
  • New: Default message templates can now get restored in another language than the current one.
  • New: Prevent starting the tool multiple times at the same time to prevent conflicting instances.
  • New: Display a warning dialog if someone tries to send PDF file(s) to 5 or more recipients (eg forgot to split PDF).
  • New: Added onboarding hints for Orgasoft Integra users to the onboarding document.
  • Fix: Fix issues with profile import if import configuration source path is valid but the others are not (not starting).
  • Fix: Report "missing start profile error" in batch mode to batch logfile and Windows system log instead of showing a message requester.
  • Fix: Fixed a few typos and enhanced the documentation and examples.
  • Fix: Enhanced usability on dark mode systems.

2021-09-23 / Desktop V2.2.1-6402 (public release)

2020-12-11 / Desktop V2.2.0-6390 (public release)

  • New: Using new product logos for regipay, regimail and regibill.
  • New: Added function "Do not keep processed files" to prevent the program from keeping original PDF and RGF files.
  • New: Enhanced "UploadURL" functionality (more robust, using .ini file only).
  • New: Added "OverrideRecipient" functionality to always use the same recipient and override email address recognition (.ini file only).
  • New: Added "DoNotSendSMTP" functionality to prevent SMTP and only use "UploadURL" function (.ini file only).
  • New: Removed "document upload" tab in settings (feature removed).
  • Int: Better handling of issues caused by AntiVirus software false alerts (during email sending, encryption etc).
  • Int: Added some more logging to better identify email sending issues.
  • Int: Enhanced PDF formats compatibility.
  • Fix: Fixed issues splitting some types of encrypted PDF documents.

2019-02-15 / Desktop V2.1.1 (public release)

  • New: Support for splitting encrypted PDF files (will ask for password).
  • New: Enhanced PDF examination, split and merge functions (faster, better support for various PDF features).
  • New: Profile-Import also works if unlock-code is unknown. Such profile will not work by default and needs to request identity file later.
  • New: Setup-Assistant gives access to manual PDF directly.
  • Fix: Enhanced handling of invalid PDF files (eg truncated files or 0 bytes files). Such caused no error information message before.
  • Internal: Added some more logging regarding Setup-Assistant decision on startup.

2018-07-09 / Desktop V2.1.0 (public release)

  • New: Functions to export a profile to a single file for transport. Import function to import such profile (profile manager and setup assistant first page).
  • New: Password protection allows protection of all configuration, split options, PDF processing options and profile deletion.
  • New: Allow the usage of Regular Expression Groups as custom expressions. The result can get composed by free text and result groups in free order.
  • New: Internal function that allows regify desktop to upload finalized RGF files to some destination (for SDK projects only).
  • New: Setup of regipay desktop and regibill desktop does not ask for license code on updates any more.
  • New: Setup of regipay desktop and regibill desktop is creating a desktop shortcut during installation.
  • New: New placeholder [UDID] to generate a unique ID for every processed document.
  • Fix: Fixed some sentences in French translation.
  • Fix: Fixed issues with email providers choosing GSSAPI as first option.

2017-04-12 / Desktop V2.0.2 (public release)

  • New: Setup assistant doing initial connectivity check.
  • New: Improved order of setup assistant pages for better helping on first installation.
  • New: Split dialogue showing progress incl. page number and estimated duration.
  • New: Split dialogue now also renames fine if the PDF is having > 999 pages (using page number).
  • New: Print output is now in alphabetical order (using PDF filenames).
  • Fix: Fixed memory leak in PDF handling (eg split more than ~800 page PDF).
  • Fix: Main dialogue stays responsive while scanning PDF(s) with many pages. Prevent Windows error message regarding not responding application.
  • Fix: Split dialogue now stays responsive during work.

2017-02-07 / Desktop V2.0.1 (public release)

  • Added "Preview Message Body" option to message editor context menu (some people searched it there).
  • Add one second retry if e-mail sending fails on the first attempt. Especially if some e-mail servers are slow, a second try worked for many people.
  • Fix: The "reset template text" option in message body editor context menu was not correctly displaying the selected language and was always English.
  • Fix: It was possible to delete the currently active profile in profile manager which leads to missing configuration.
  • Fix: Chosen profile name in main window was not updated after the name was changed in profile manager.

2016-09-02 / Desktop V2.0.0 (public release)

  • Added a profile manager for easy handling of multiple independent configuration profiles.
  • Completely revised setup assistant.
  • Enhanced documentation.
  • Batch-mode to pre-select profile (run multiple profiles in batch mode using -p option).

2016-02-03 / Desktop V1.9.1 (public release)

  • Enhanced tips function and added button to show tips again.
  • Updated product documentation regarding Terminal Server and Citrix environments.
  • Initial check if product option is enabled for the connected users regify account.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in main window: DEL key to delete selected files, CTRL+A to select all files, CTRL+P to open PDF processing options, CTRL+S to open split dialogue, CTRL+M to open merge dialogue.
  • Fix: If split dialogue is renaming with e-mail address, it now uses blank as separator instead of underscore. This fixes issues with e-mail address recognition in some documents.
  • Fix: Fixed problems with provider logo images if they are higher than wide.

2015-06-17 / Desktop V1.9.0 (public release)

  • Added function to add background to processed PDF's.
  • Added function to add additional pages to processed PDF's.
  • Changed layout to use a flat style model.
  • Added serial-number licensing-codes to setup file.
  • Added recognition of e-mail addresses in PDF filenames, too.
  • Enhanced regipay default template.
  • Fix: Added some missing French translations.
  • Fix: Fixed problems in PDF split function with some sort of PDF (did not find markers/regexp).

2014-02-20 / Desktop V1.8.0 (public release)

  • Added possibility to find and use multiple recipients.
  • Enhanced e-mail address selection dialogue.
  • New function allows you to merge multiple PDF documents (free naming and order).
  • If entries are not marked green, a double click on the icon now shows you the reason.
  • Regular Expression result fields can get double clicked in the list to show the whole results.
  • Regular Expressions now can find multiple results (divided by comma).
  • Enhanced new default message templates.
  • Now supporting AUTH_NTLM proxy servers and PAC files (experimental).
  • Show usage hints on the first run after installation.
  • Added regimail desktop package version.
  • Now the program warns you if you try to close it with manual changes getting lost.
  • Fix: Fixed several translation errors.
  • Fix: Fixed problem using REGEX results in message subject (there was an unwanted comma)

2013-11-21 / Desktop V1.7.1 (public release)

  • Fix: Fixed HTML encoding problems in message bodies (affected Outlook recipients).

2013-11-18 / Desktop V1.7.0 (public release)

  • New: Supports alternative printing of documents with missing or invalid e-mail address.
  • New: Allows multiple selections in documents list (ctrl key and mouse click).
  • New: Allows switching regibill standard/premium by Regular Expression (using document info for decision).
  • New: Enhanced folder structure for sent and completed regibills/regipays (\year\month\* structure).
  • New: Now also supporting connector functionality (API upload of meta data for archive, hybrid etc.).
  • New: Offers command-line batch mode (minimized window, automatic start, failure tolerant, batch-log and auto-close).
  • New: Showing some GUI tips on initial start.
  • New: Implements Protocol V2 for provider communication.
  • New: Enhanced proxy support.

2013-03-06 / Desktop V1.6.2 (public release)

  • New: Option to turn TLS usage for sending SMTP emails on/off.
  • Fix: Fixed compatibility issues with 1&1 mailserver and Exchange 2003.
  • Fix: Fixed several incompatibilities with PDF formats provided by customers.
  • Fix: Enhanced error displaying if transaction registration fails at regify provider.

2013-01-10 / Desktop V1.6.1 (public release)

  • Fix: Fixed several incompatibilities with PDF formats provided by customers.
  • Fix: Fixed some issues on PDF splitting with blank pages handling.

2012-12-12 / Desktop V1.6 (public release)

  • New: SMTP emails are now sent using CURL library. It now also supports sending using TLS (STARTTLS) and therefore supports even gmail and other email accounts forcing users to use TLS only.
  • New: Enhanced PDF library now also supporting PDF documents that are using LZW compression for headers.