Setting up a new sub-provider

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Prerequisites and information


  1. You need a new public IPv4 IP address for a subprovider.
  2. The IP must be configured to route to your regify provider software appliance or loadbalancer (depending on your configuration).
    1. Internal routing IP address must get added in provider appliance menu.
  3. A new DNS A-record must be made to route your new domain (like to the new public IP address.
  4. If your provider runs with own MTA (one setting for all provider instances), you also need a reverse DNS entry for email to make it work.


  1. Buy a SSL certificate for the needed sub-provider domain.
    1. While setting up the new sub-provider in your appliance menu, a new certificate is generated.
    2. You can display the signing request by choosing "Show Cert Request" in appliance menu.
    3. Use the signing request to order your certificate.
    4. If received, collect the certificate, all itermediate certificates and root certificate (only Provider < V3.4) in a text editor.
    5. Import certificate using "Inmport Signed Cert" from appliance menu and past text editor content.
    6. Check correct certificate chain here [1] (maybe only possible after finished setup).

Setting up the sub-provider

Please ensure that all prerequisites are fullfilled. Now follow these steps:

Setting up in appliance menu

  1. Enter appliance menu and chose "Add sub-provider" option.
  2. Choose the added IP address (internal address if behind firewall, router or loadbalancer).
  3. Enter the server name of the new sub-provider
  4. Select "Edit sub-provider" in the appliance menu and chose the added sub-provider from the menu
  5. Import the ssl certificate using "Import Cert & Optionally key" from the appliance menu (not needed if the load balancer holds the certificates)
  6. If the provider system is running a cross-master replication, ensure that you also configure the other system in the same manner

Setting up in web administration

After setting up the system in the appliance menu (on all systems), you can continue with the setup by using the web administration

  1. Login to the web administration of the main provider as a master admin and select "Manage sub-providers". The new sub-provider should appear in the list of sub-providers
  2. Selecting the new sub-provider in the list of sub-providers allows you to edit the settings in the lower area "Edit provider settings"
  3. Complete the settings of the new sub-provider and finish it by clicking "Save changes"
  4. Create or select a user for the administration of the new sub-provider
  5. Assign this user to the new sub-provider by using "Manage user -> Change the user data"
  6. Go back to "Manage sub-provider" and select "Manage portal administration roles". Here you can assign the role "sub-provider admin" to the mentioned user
  7. Now this user can access the reduced web administration of the sub-provider by calling the url https://[subproviderdomain]/ADMINISTRATION