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regify does not work after upgrading to iOS 7

This is a known issue. Please use the following workaround to fix the problem:

Step 1: Uninstall the regify App from your iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Download the regify app from the app store and install it again.

Step 3: Login to the regify app with your credentials

Step 4: Authenticated users has to fetch again their identity file in the settings menu.

Open regify messages in the Gmail app

Newer versions of the Gmail app are only accepting default iOS file extensions within e-mails and you can't open the rgf-file directly. After tapping this attachment, GMail usually displays it as a text file or as regify container file. Now you can tap on the share-button on the navigation bar (upper right corner) and you can select the regify app as the application to open the regify message. If you do this, the regify message will be opened by the regify app as usual.

Sadly, we can not fix this behaviour as it is done wrong by Google GMail app. The regify extension is properly assigned to the regify app, but GMail is ignoring it. As an alternative, please consider using another e-mail program from the iTunes store.


Start extended debug logging

Beginning with version 2.1.0 of the regify-app for Iphone, you can get a detailed debug-log. To activate debugging you have to enter the settings menu of the Iphone. In this menu you will find an entry for the regify app. In the submenu of the regify app, you can activate the debug mode. After that, logging will be activated and a Send Log-file button will appear in login screen, fallback login screen and settings menu.