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A note about regigate version numbers

In January 2017 we technically split the regigate product completely from the regify provider. But, as the regigate appliance is still based on the same core software than the regify provider appliance, the regigate versions are still mostly the same than the corresponding regify provider versions.

As the new regigate deployment started in January 2017, the initial version for this list was V4.0.9 (bottom of this page).

Update 05. October 2017 V4.1.2

Patch release announcement

  • New: Enhanced documentation regarding per recipient handling.
  • Fix: Removed a small memory leak bug.
  • Fix: Added capability to handle MIME messages with no body (adding empty body to resulting regify message).
  • Fix: Removed useless error message during Postfix restart if Postfix was already stopped before.

Update 23. May 2017 V4.1.1

Patch release announcement

  • Fix: Enhance bounce message handling (pass).
  • Fix: Enhanced handling of embedded Lotus Notes images.

Update 25. April 2017 V4.1.0

Major appliance update

  • New: Added message handling per recipient.
    • Split messages to multiple recipients into single messages.
    • Apply rules to single recipient messages.
  • New: Updated the appliance basis OS (Kernel-Update, Postfix, Database, OpenSSL etc).
  • Fix: Try to deal with invalid HTML format in Lotus Domino/Notes emails.

Update 08. February 2017 V4.0.10

Patch release announcement

  • Fix: A bug caused confusing port numbers between local MTA port and given smarthost port in new regigate routes.

Update 15. January 2017 V4.0.9

Initial release of regigate after technical split from regify provider.

There have been previous regigate releases, but they are outdated now. If you still run an older version, please consider upgrading urgently and contact us on our support e-mail address.