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2017-12-19 / regibox V1.4.2 (public release)

Patch release

  • Fix: Enhanced some sentences in the Windows installer dialogue.
  • Fix: When subscribing to a box and then closing the regibox client before any of the box is pulled, can cause creation of top level box entries in the database upon restart, because the box content may not yet have been pulled. This creates double entries in regibox tree.
  • Fix: Regibox failed detection if some folder was removed and a new file with exactly the same name was created in the same parent folder.
  • Fix: After some regify account password change, the regibox manager tried to connect every minute for box create until the local password was fixed.
  • Fix: Fix a compatibility issue with Mac OS High Sierra and Retina displays (Hi DPI).

2017-08-15 / regibox V1.4.1 (public release)

Patch release

  • Internal: Added an error message in case the email address of a provider request is not set for whatever reason.
    It is an enhancement for trouble shooting and prevent of potential data loss.

2017-05-08 / regibox V1.4.0 (public release)

Major release

  • New: Mac OSX version of regibox manager available.
  • New: "Restore latest version" from recovery folder files (restores file to original location).
  • New: "Delete past versions" function for files, folders and boxes (mainly to save storage).
  • New: Deeper integration into Windows File Explorer (additional icon in main area left and automatic favorite shortcut).
  • New: Bandwidth limitation for up- and download (settings).
  • New: Show current fill status of the users regify account in "manage regiboxes" dialogue.
  • New: "Network share mode" to make regibox more reliable on network share home directories (settings).
  • New: Activity history offers to export the current content to clipboard in CSV format (simply paste to Excel, Calc etc).
  • Better icons to differentiate between your own and others regiboxes in "manage regiboxes" dialogue.
  • Enhanced regibox invitation e-mail templates.
  • Now showing invitation status in "manage regiboxes" to see if I'm the owner of the regibox or not.
  • New status colors are better to see (local, non-local, current, conflict etc).
  • Fix: Fixed repeating error message if user tried to create a new regibox while connected to a provider which does not support regibox at all.
  • Fix: Fixed some typos in language sentences.
  • Internal: Try to get customized invitation e-mail templates from the connected regify provider (starting with provider version 4.1).
  • Internal: rgbx file format now also containing box owner information field.
  • Internal: No login to the regify provider anymore on every start of regibox manager.
  • Internal: Enhanced thread management for less CPU consumption.
  • Internal: Reduced network traffic to nearly 1/3 by doing much less SSL handshakes (faster / less traffic / also relieving the provider).

2016-07-11 / regibox V1.3.2 (public release)

Patch release

  • New: Different regibox-icons in TreeView, depending if you are the box-owner (little star attached) or not (normal icon).
  • Fix: Fixed issues with permanent deletion of files (deletion was not synchronized in some constellations).
  • Fix: Fixed some missing file-list refresh events (manual refresh using F5 was needed in some rare cases).
  • Fix: Added a check to prevent leading or trailing spaces and colons in folder-names and file-names on MacOS and Linux (as Windows is not able to handle them later).
  • Fix: Fixed some general synchronization issues with files bigger than 4.29 GB.
  • Fix: Enhanced handling of synchronization failures in case of interrupted uploads (local copy off on other clients).

2016-03-21 / regibox V1.3.1 (public release)

Patch release

  • New: Reduced CPU usage in idle mode (background) by factor 5.
  • New: Enhanced invitation template to point to regibox downloads only.
  • New: Updated regify default identity file.
  • New: Faster folder scans.
  • Fix: Better traffic management if a connected regify provider is in maintenance mode.
  • Fix: Fixed problems on file sync if user profile contains non ASCII characters on Windows.
  • Fix: Added keyboard functionality (cursor up/down) on "missed notifier popup" dialogue.
  • Fix: Fixed problems if filenames started with trailing periods (~).
  • Fix: Right click on a folder sometimes disabled the options to publish/unpublish files entries.
  • Fix: Fixed problems in invitations if user name contained non ASCII characters.

2015-12-16 / regibox V1.3.0 (public release)

Major release

  • New activity history dialogue showing all history and offering several filter functions.
  • New icon color scheme in SysTray: Blue = Idle, Green = Activity, Red = Error
  • SysTray icon showing golden star if notifiers happened. This allows you to see notifiers if you missed them.
  • Several smaller enhancements:
    • GUI is much more responsive during synchronization.
    • No more flickering entries if synchronization happens in other folders.
    • Enhanced error handling with better error messages.
    • Enhanced invitation templates text.
    • Notifier window can get closed by clicking on the content area.
  • Completely reworked the internal synchronization engine.
    • Upload in up to five streams at the same time.
    • More stable detection of changes.
    • Enhanced scalability and speed with many files.
    • More stable if synchronization was interrupted (eg by power loss).
    • Enhanced speed and reduced CPU usage and disk IO due to database enhancements.
  • No longer sending .rgb files in invitations. All regibox managers from 1.2.2 or newer are understanding the new .rgbx format.
  • Fix: Fixed some French translation issues.
  • Fix: Fixed issue in displaying file date/time if timezone changed or between daylight saving.
  • Fix: Fixed accidental detection of Thumbs.db files (Windows).
  • Fix: Keep displaying tree-view selection on the left if tree-view is loosing focus (Windows only).
  • Fix: Stop regibox manager from pulling information from regify provider twice a second in some rare circumstances.

2015-10-14 / regibox V1.2.2 (public release)

Patch release

  • Fix: Fixed issues during recovery of deleted files and versions.
  • Fix: Fixed "database locked" error-messages during synchronization of bigger boxes.

2015-09-22 / regibox V1.2.1 (public release)

Patch release

  • Fix: Fixed problems during file recovery (did not recover in some circumstances).

2015-09-18 / regibox V1.2 (public release)

Major release

  • New: Option to map the regibox folder as new drive (Windows only).
  • New: Option to show a notifier (pop-up) on new files, folders and versions in your regiboxes. Also notifies you if invited users start to synchronize your box.
  • New: Option to drop membership of regiboxes you have been invited to.
  • New: "Manage regiboxes" is now showing the owner and creation date of the boxes.
  • New: Help function on main screen ("?" button) to give hints about the usage.
  • New: Check free space on affected drives and warn user if minimum size is reached.
  • Fix: Fixed several synchronization issues.
  • Fix: Enhanced the invitation template to be better understood.
  • Fix: Displaying issues in "Manage regiboxes" dialogue and "box properties" if a regibox description contains line-feeds.
  • Fix: E-mail account configuration assistant always appeared in German language.
  • Updated registration of file types to also accept .rgbx extension (will become the new standard).
  • Enhanced notifier pop-up code to consume less CPU power.

2015-08-26 / regibox V1.1.3 (public release)

Patch release

  • New: Enhanced members dialogue to also show if a user accepted the box invitation (only working for new invitations or if you re-sync your box).
  • Fix: Fixed "Save Copy As..." dialogue to pre-fill the filename and ensure correct extension (versions).
  • Fix: Fixed "Open Temporary Copy" function to add the version number to the filename in order to allow several versions to be opened at the same time (versions).
  • Fix: Did some typo corrections and added some more French translation.
  • Fix: Enhanced GUI update functionality to refresh more often automatically (instead of manually pressing F5).
  • Updated libcurl to version in order to fix several issues with NTLM proxy servers (memory exhaust in some rare circumstances).

2015-07-07 / regibox V1.1.2 (public release)

Patch Release

  • New: Autocomplete for e-mail addresses and names during invitation (by using previous entered data)
  • New: Added some more enhanced notification messages.
  • New: Keep "new regibox" button enabled but display "need regibox account" in case it is pressed by a non regibox member (easier to understand).
  • Fix: Doubleclick on tree folders does no longer collapse them.
  • Fix: Removed SMTP copy option as it is not supported any more.
  • Fix: Suppressing success information if sending an invitation using SMTP failed.
  • Fix: Adding more tolerance for trailing and leading spaces in entered e-mail addresses.
  • Fix: Auto-clean local database if a box is marked as deleted by the creator.
  • Fix: Enhanced detection of folder changes on box root level.
  • Fix: Fixed displaying red synchronization symbol even if no sync happens (rare case).
  • Fix: Fixed problems in box handling if invited user has only "read" permissions.

2015-06-19 / regibox V1.1.1 (public release)

Patch Release

  • Fixed many problems with detection of renamed files and folders.

2015-05-19 / regibox V1.1.0 (initial public release)

First release of regibox for Windows and Linux.